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Destin Weather

Weather.com 10-day forecast for Destin

About Destin's weather:

Destin has a warm, subtropical climate, with comfortable weather all year round.  The summers are hot, with temperatures reaching over 100F on occasion, and short-lived thunderstorms and rain showers are common.  Destin does not have four well-defined seasons; rather it remains quite warm from April to December, and cools off a bit from December to March, with temperatures rarely dropping below the freezing point. 

Tourists flock to the beaches during the summer months when the water is warmest; however, many people prefer to visit in the spring or fall, when it is not so hot.  Still others prefer Destin in the winter, when, though the water is too cold for swimming, Destin is just as beautiful as any other time.    

Weather Statistics

Average High Temp.

Average Low Temp.

Average Rainfall Average Water Temp.
January 61'F 42'F 4.0" 64'F
February 63'F 44'F 4.3" 64'F
March 68'F 50'F 4.3" 66'F
April 76'F 58'F 4.5" 72'F
May 83'F 65'F 3.4" 78'F
June 89'F 74'F 5.2" 81'F
July 89'F 74'F 7.2" 83'F
August 90'F 74'F 7.1" 85'F
September 87'F 70'F 6.8" 84'F
October 80'F 59'F 3.2" 81'F
November 69'F 48'F 3.4" 72'F
December 63'F 44'F 5.0" 64'F




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